Serving with Accountability

1. Worship
What are we doing to make worship the central focus of the Church?

2. Spirituality
What we are doing to teach people to pray?

3. Nurture
What are we doing to teach people the faith and help with in their discipleship?

4. Evangelism
What are we doing to share faith with others and what have the results been in the past year? Does our church have a place to nurture?

5. Vocation
What are we doing nurture and develop to ministry of the while people of God including enabling people to become forward for authorised lay and ordained ministry?

6. Service
How is our church a blessing to the community we serve?
How is our church witnessing to God’s Kingdom of justice and peace?

7. Hospitality
What we we doing to ensure that your church is a place of safety and welcome for all ages and people of all backgrounds?

8. Interdependence
How are we working in partnership with our Christian communities in our locality and at diocesan, national and global levels?

9. Generosity
What are we doing to ensure that your church is showing signs of generosity towards to the wider church and its community as well as becoming financially secure?

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